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We want you to have the vitality to move through life, on your terms no matter what your age.  We are not just focused on exercise. We focus on fitness, coaching, and developing good movement patterns based on the latest science to help you achieve your goals.  In particular, we emphasize

S. A. F. E. (Skeletally Appropriate For Everyone) exercise programs to help you think about moving from your bones with your best alignment.

 I t all begins with a free Strategy Session that includes:

  • Postural Analysis 

  • Movement Screen

  • Health History

Then we take that vital information and design your exercise program. This program is created specifically for your goals and needs. 


There are two levels of membership at Fit Future: 

1. The basic membership which includes access to all of our classes (up      to 10 classes offered per week)  

2. The customized membership which includes the individualized program specific to your goals and needs, a coached semi-private training session once per week and access to all the classes you want to attend.

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