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Postural Blueprint

This class is designed for those with postural changes due to the effects of aging, work related postural stresses or sedentary lifestyles. The class is particularly well suited to those with osteoporosis and osteopenia as it is SAFE and effective for these conditions. Most exercises are done on the floor. It is a gentle postural intervention with powerful implications for correcting spinal alignment. Based on the work of Sara Meeks.


Basic 5

This class takes you through a workout that emphasizes the 5 basic movement patterns for functional strength in daily life. There are options for each exercise that let you choose a variation that is right for you. This class is perfect for those on a customized membership that have one semiprivate coaching session per week and for those doing a basic (classes only) membership.



Basic 5 Plus

This one hour class begins with a Basic 5 workout and continues with 15 minutes of Postural Blueprint. A great way to get your weekend started.

Restoration Exercise

Restorative Exercise is not a gym based program that utilizes machines and dumbbells to strengthen your muscles.  Rather, it shows you how to strengthen, mobilize, and stabilize parts of your body that have not been moving in optimal ways in order to restore health to those area and thereby create a more robust overall health to your body.  The ultimate goal is to gradually change your daily habits in order to move more effectively so you can maintain your health and independence and avoid many of the conditions of decline associated with aging.


Strength & Skill

This is a mixed intensity class that helps improve skills and movement styles to enhance your potential. This is a class based on the MovNat system which moves more quickly and introduces more advanced maneuvers. These include hanging, swinging, vaulting, jumping, carrying, and throwing. This class gives you a great workout while also helping to make your movements better, safer, and more efficient. There are 3 parts to this class: warm-up, a time to focus on a skill, and a metcon style workout.

New Classes


This is a low intensity class that will help you restore movement capabilities. It is designed to gently take you through natural movement skills that will refine your ground movement. This includes balancing, safely lifting, rolling, and getting up off the ground. This class will give you a solid base which will allow you to build from there. Each week we will focus on 4-6 skills with an emphasis on clean, efficient movements.

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