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I have been very happy with the instruction and individual attention we receive at Fit Future!  I wish I could establish a better pattern/habit of attendance but hopefully now that the weather is nicer and days longer, I will get better at that.  I was very pleased to go kayaking with my son this weekend and NOT be sore the next day. I think the classes have made a difference!

Cathy Wrobleski

Morrgantown, WV

What I have learned and practiced at Fit Future has been both helpful and enjoyable!  The helpful part is the increase in my sense of balance and core strength (both physically and mentally). The enjoyable part is the fun, laughter, and caring I feel during each exercise class that I attend.  I have recommended Fit Future to many of my friends and family members as they are all concerned about health and fitness.

Stephanie Savitch

Morrgantown, WV

I think I really started trying a wheat free diet in February, so I use that time frame as my beginning weight. Since then I have lost 41 pounds, but more importantly, I have been able to walk up and down stairs without taking one at a time AND I can walk through a store without leaning on a basket. Now I try not to even get one unless for groceries!  I'm not saying my knees and back don't hurt sometimes (arthritis is still there) but my life has improved by leaps and bounds. You have no idea how much I love, love, love, (did I mention love) chocolate, bread, cake, pasta, and just rich desserts in general. But, to know that giving those things up so I can feel better is totally worth it. I still eat chocolate but the cacao content is never less than 86%. I love coconut and find ways to incorporate it as much as possible. I am more aware of what I eat now because I actually care what I eat. While weight loss wasn't the goal, I must say it is a welcome bonus. I hope I will continue lose  and firm up a bit once I get my shoes and start walking! Confession here: I did "turn back", and my knees put a stop to that little experiment immediately. I am so grateful to you for telling me about going wheat free. It has truly changed my life! Look out world! A cartwheel may be in my future!

Maria Watson Gaddis

Morgantown, WV

We're on the train from Melbourne to Ballarat.  I just got up from my seat holding a 9-month old 16 pound wriggling baby and walked about 8 feet to deliver her to her dad, all without holding on to anything except the baby!!!  I said "thank you for balance practice!!!!

Renee Straub

Morgantown, WV

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